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Bright Ford Educational Consultancy (BFEC) is one of Afghanistan’s leading education consultancies. Our goal is to support every learner, every learning professional, education institute, and recruitment organization through our work.

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Consult now with Bright Ford and apply for the Diploma program in worlds best educational institutions.

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We're offering postgraduate programs at a few of the finest universities in Europe, America, and Asia.

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Boost up your educational background with a higher degree in Europe's top Universities. We will help you our achieving your dream.

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We're offering research programs in all universities we're partnering with. Select the country or university and reset is on us.

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If are you planning to study further, just consult with us and we will pave the way for you; hustle-free.

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Empower your Future with a Ph.D. degree from top universities with are partnered with in Europe, America, and Asia.

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Bright Ford has the honor of helping out students to take their educational careers to the next level and successfully applied and get admissions to some of the top universities.

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