• Opening Time : 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Expert Counseling

BFEC counselors are well trained and certified to provide all necessary information regarding colleges and universities.

Visa Application

BFEC shall provide each prospective student a list of documents required to maximize visa approvals. The counselors go through the documents with the students and revise them before sending in for the final application.

Before Flight Orientation

BFEC is a team formed by professionals who gained valuable experiences studying abroad. So we know what students will require when going away from the comfort their homes. Detailed briefing on language and culture differences can minimize the shock factor for the students.

Above all, a bit of expert advice on the most suitable courses and career options 

can really make a difference!

Steps required for a successful abroad education entail the following: 

Step 1. Taking various required tests: TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, PTE, etc.
Step 2. Identify the course of study, country and college/university.
Step 3. Application Process
             Step 3.1. Acquiring application forms
             Step 3.2. Preparing essays, recommendation letters, academic
             Step 3.3. Sending a completed application form, along with required documents
Step 4. Tuition Fee payment and Insurance
Step 5. Student Visa Processing
             Step 5.1. Acquire a letter of enrolment from the college/university
             Step 5.2. Prepare financial documents
             Step 5.3. Submit complete documents to the respective embassy
             Step 5.4. Interview
Step 6. Orientation and Preparation